welcome to dick and balls

fuck having a normal webiste that explains me. i am just a little guy. you cannot describe me. n e ways im only really active on priv anymore bc thats where my wife is. i dont have one particular hyperfixation at the moment since TOH is on hiatus E/> but w/e. if you ever talk to me about HS i will rip your tongue out. my wife made me get rid of my custom cursor i will die. heres a page i display for my teachers when i sleep in class. since the owl house has been on hiatus i took the amphibia pill. worst mistake i ever made. marcy is fun though i sure hope nothing awful will ever happen to her.

awww the scrunkly :) :) :) :) double tap now if you'd scrunkly the when >.<

things im doing currently

currently, im just kinda chilling. me and michael might meet up at cedar point on the 23rd, whichll be swag. im also currently working with michael on a kitty cat ocverse that started as a warriors thing but now is its own beast. my own sort of group ive got full control of the worldbuilding for is detailed in another page. we havent got much but weve got a few things planned and its just generally fun to mess with lol. ovbiously working on the website, no doubt about that, and trying to get a dnd group running irl. thats about it.

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