welcome to hell on earth <3

if youre here its because you have navigated not one, but two links to find me! my sincerest congratulations. a celebration is truely in order. jk. anyways i have 3 ao3 pseuds idc which one you call me, honestly any combination of absurd sea creature and canine will do the trick just fine. i was stretching really bad for ammonite african wild dog. anyways i have a love-hate relationship with writing, and have a take on just about anything i could be asked on. i am unfortunately That DA Fetish Guy. im super untra autistic about TF but i keep that and other niche bullshit on cuttlefishc0yote. dead dove (if i ever decide to actually release it) is for ammoniteAWD, and 0ctodoggo is for general stuff that i dont find super ultra embarassing. if i post in tags it is because i have been kidnapped and am calling for help. i used to be a major clout chaser that shit will kill you. if you see me you see me. using twitter until the bitter end.

things im doing/interested in currently

ive been getting back into writing, and unfortunately wrestling my nightmarish cycle of the same 3 hyperfixes. with it i usually end up screaming about it on priv, before then remembering that nobody in my polycule keeps up with, or particularly cares for any of them, at all. im just glad i know how to use neocities and basic html so i can host my art eternally. thank the lord, do you know HOW FRUSTRATING IT IS when authors dont know how to use BASIC HTML and host their images on FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA!?!??? anyways my dms r always open if you wanna debate me. or make out idc.